We were born to be somebody 

In order to be a somebody in the future is having faith to yourself!😇  No matter whatever it takes or whenever it brings you, all you have to do is to believe in God’s plans. Trust me, anything that have been written and planned to you is all you need in your life, the matter is… it just takes time to make them fall into the right places..⏳ As God will never put you in a situation that you cannot bear to handle or out of your capabilities…🙆🏻 So don’t ever wish to give up though try to give out what you have (talents, skills) and don’t let anything you want flow by itself without putting any endeavours in it…. because hardworks beat talents🎯 no matter how great are you in something, means nothing if you are sitting still☝🏻… so less talks do more, until you could reach your triumph in every goals you had set🏆 All I wish is best of luck to everyone out there who is fighting with his life to make sure that someday his parents would be sitting at his own Audi’s back seat… hehe ✌🏻Thanks guys for reading…

Xoxo; syifa😘💞